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Air Conditioning Installation, Maintenance and Service

Over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Sweltering, unrelenting heat. The only salvation is one of the modern day’s greatest inventions: the air conditioner. The worst thing that can happen during a West Texas summer is a broken a/c. And as Abilene’s best air conditioner service company, we are going to help you stay cool!

The best thing to do is schedule regular a/c maintenance to ensure you won’t be without the relief of icy, cool air during a heatwave. If your unit does fail, we will fix it, as we offer HVAC repair services as well!

Call us and we’ll rush over to get your HVAC unit in tip-top shape. Our team of air conditioner repair professionals has years of experience in all the latest technologies to make the repair process seamless. We will get it done right. If you see us pull up to your home, it’s not a mirage, it’s Abilene Air Services to the rescue.

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