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Ventilation Services

Ventilation Services

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Your home or business can easily have a stale, musty odor. This occurs when excess moisture is met by inadequate ventilation. These factors can cause toxins, pollutants and gases to accumulate and nurture mold and dust mites, making you, your employees or your family sick. The unpleasant basement or crawl space odors are a warning sign of an unhealthy indoor environment that will affect your health and moisture saturation that can cause costly structural damage. At Abilene Air Services HVAC we know how to match the right system for your environment.

[pt_vc_container_accordion title=”Ventilation Services – Abilene Air Services”][pt_vc_accordion_item title=”Dryer Vent Cleaning” item_content=”3,000 annual residential fires are related to clogged dryer vents according to FEMA. Dryer vent cleaning is important to prevent issues with your dryer and ensure efficient clothing drying! It is ctitical to annually inspect and clean your dryer vents in order to prevent a smoke smell from the dryer. If your dryer cycle ends before your clothes are dry or your clothes aren’t dry after 40+ minutes, get the dryer vent looked at and cleaned. Also, if you’re seeing more dust in your laundry room than normal, get it checked!

Signs you need your dryer vents cleaned:

Long drying times. One cycle should dry your clothes.
The dryer feels as if it is overheating.
Increases in energy bills.
Musty smelling clothes.”][pt_vc_accordion_item title=”Air Cleaner Installation” item_content=”Air cleaners are enhanced filtration systems that can be installed in your central heating and cooling system to remove greater quantities of dirt, dust and pollutants from the air circulating throughout your home. Some air cleaners are so efficient that they even remove gases, smoke, viruses and influenza.

Passive Media Air Cleaners-Passive media filters are enhanced filter surface area cleaners that remove small particles of dust, dirt and pollutants down to .3 microns in size and need to have a disposable filter cartridge replaced once every 12 months.These filters do an excellent job of removing excess dust and dirt and in keeping your air conditioner, coil and equipment clean for many years.
Electronic Air Cleaners- (or electrostatic precipitators) use a high voltage electrical field to charge the particles of dirt and dust, then collect the dirt and dust on an oppositely-charged metal collector cell or plate.While this air cleaner needs no replacement filter, it has to be washed and cleaned 3 to 4 times a year to remain effective.

HEPA and HEPA-type filters remove microscopic particles of dust and dirt down to .1 micron in size and can also stop smoke and viruses along with gases.HEPA is an abbreviation for High Efficiency Particulate Arrestance and is used to describe filters that are 99.7% effective in the removal of dirt and dust at .1 micron in size.